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Inequality in America, 1949-2016

Kuhn, Schularick, Steins (2020)

Can Expanding Health Insurance Coverage Save Lives?

Miller, Johnson, Wherry (2020)

Do Parents Make the Right Educational Investments?

Dizon-Ross (2019)

Can Policy Create Moves to Opportunity?

Bergman, Chetty, DeLuca, Hendren, Katz, Palmer (2020)

Does Treating Depression Improve Economic Well-Being?

Baranov, Bhalotra, Biroli, Maselko (2020)

Do Teacher Incentives Work?

Brownback, Sadoff (2020)

What Do Four Centuries of Kings and Queens Reveal about Female Leadership?

Dube, Harish (2019)

Do Copyrights Spur Creativity?

Giorcelli, Moser (2020)

Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time?

Azoulay, Fons-Rosen, Graff Zivin (2019)

Does When You Die Depend on Where You Live?

Deryugina, Molitor (2020)

Who Gets a Second Chance in the Criminal Justice System?

Rose (2020)

Does Trade Policy Plug a Gap in Climate Change Regulation?

Shapiro (2020)

What is the Economic Impact of Closing the Border?

Abramitzky, Ager, Boustan, Cohen, Hansen (2019)

What Happens When Workers Have a Seat at the Table?

Jäger, Schoefer, Heining (2019)

Does Heat Inhibit Learning?

Park, Goodman, Hurwitz, Smith (2020)

Can Political Empowerment Lead to Economic Empowerment?

Aneja, Avenancio-Leon (2019)

Would Knowing Your Neighbor's Income Make You Happier?

Perez-Truglia (2020)

Can Consumer Protection Regulations Backfire?

Cuesta, Sepúlveda (2019)

Can an Epidemic Shape a City's Urban Landscape?

Ambrus, Field, Gonzalez (2020)

Does Physician Diversity Matter for Health Outcomes?

Alsan, Garrick, Graziani (2019)

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