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The Economic Origins of Government

Allen, Bertazzini, Heldring (2023)

What Do Good Managers Do?

Minni (2023)

Is Journalistic Truth Dead?

Angelucci, Prat (2023)

The Social Costs of Keystone Species Collapse

Frank, Sudarshan (2023)

Ideology and Performance in Public Organizations

Spenkuch, Teso, Xu (2023)

Persuasion through Slanted Language

Djourelova (2023)

Mistakes in Choosing College Majors

Conlon, Patel (2023)

The Importance of High School Counselors

Mulhern (2023)

The Unequal Economic Consequences of Carbon Pricing

Känzig (2023)

Second-Best Fairness

Cappelen, Cappelen, Tungodden (2023)

Reshaping Global Trade

Xu (2022)

Mental Health and Criminal Involvement

Jácome (2022)

Social Structure and the Impact of Policy

Moscona, Seck (2022)

Morality and Political Ideology

Enke, Rodríguez-Padilla, Zimmermann (2022)

Populist Leaders and the Economy

Funke, Schularick, Trebesch (2023)

Worth Your Weight

Macchi (2023)

The Social Tax

Carranza, Donald, Grosset, Kaur (2023)

Do Curation Algorithms Get It Right?

Agan, Davenport, Ludwig, Mullainathan (2023)

Parental Decision-Making and Competitiveness

Tungodden, Willén (2023)

Price Controls in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dubois, Gandhi, Vasserman (2022)

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