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Performance Pay and Screening for High-Quality Teachers

Brown, Andrabi (2021)

Which Public Policies are Most Effective?

Hendren, Sprung-Keyser (2020)

Why are Eastern Suburbs Often Poorer?

Heblich, Trew, Zylberberg (2020)

The Impact of City Shape on Economic Growth

Harari (2020)

Inequality in America, 1949-2016

Kuhn, Schularick, Steins (2020)

Can Expanding Health Insurance Coverage Save Lives?

Miller, Johnson, Wherry (2020)

Do Parents Make the Right Educational Investments?

Dizon-Ross (2019)

Does Competition Make Health Insurance Better?

Abaluck, Caceres Bravo, Hull, Starc (2021)

A Race to the Bottom in Science

Hill, Stein (2021)

Regulation by Shaming

Johnson (2020)

Political Patronage and Its Consequences

Colonnelli, Prem, Teso (2020)

Do Copyrights Spur Creativity?

Giorcelli, Moser (2020)

Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time?

Azoulay, Fons-Rosen, Graff Zivin (2019)

Does When You Die Depend on Where You Live?

Deryugina, Molitor (2020)

Sleep and the Urban Poor

Bessone, Rao, Schilbach, Schofield, Toma (2020)

Killer Acquisitions

Cunningham, Ederer, Ma (2021)

Should Women Ask for More? The Ask Gap and Gender Pay Inequality

Roussille (2020)

Do Multinationals Help or Hurt Emerging Economies?

Van Patten, Méndez-Chacón (2020)

Heat and Learning

Park, Goodman, Hurwitz, Smith (2020)

Can Political Empowerment Lead to Economic Empowerment?

Aneja, Avenancio-Leon (2019)