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The Effects of Managers’ Business Education on Workers

Acemoglu, He, le Maire (2022)

Can Reorganizing Medical Teams Save Lives?

Chen (2021)

The Long-Run Benefits of Public Preschool

Bailey, Sun, Timpe (2021)

Who Benefits from Pay Transparency?

Cullen, Pakzad-Hurson (2021)

From Weber to Kafka

Gratton, Guiso, Michelacci, Morelli (2021)

Can Targeting Increase Technology Adoption?

Beaman, BenYishay, Magruder, Mobarak (2021)

Can Policy Change Culture?

Bau (2021)

Impacts of Financial Salience on Disadvantaged Students

Duquennois (2022)

On the Origin of the State

Mayshar, Moav, Pascali (2021)

Inappropriate Technology

Moscona, Sastry (2021)

Sharing and Detecting Lies

Serra-Garcia, Gneezy (2021)

O Brother, Where Start Thou?

Altmejd, Barrios-Fernández, Drlje, Goodman, Hurwitz, Kovac, Mulhern, Neilson, Smith (2021)

Can Food Labels Help Combat Obesity?

Barahona, Otero, Otero, Kim (2021)

The Importance of Ordinal Rank

Murphy, Weinhardt (2020)

Trade Policy as a Tool for Climate Action

Hsiao (2022)

Social Positions and Fairness Views on Inequality

Hvidberg, Kreiner, Stantcheva (2021)

Financial Strain and Worker Productivity

Kaur, Mullainathan, Oh, Schilbach (2021)

How to Increase Tax Revenue in Poor Countries

Bergeron, Tourek, Weigel (2021)

Systemic Discrimination Among Large U.S. Employers

Kline, Rose, Walters (2021)

Technical Change and Superstar Effects

Koenig (2021)